Sea Lustre jewelry

"Sea Lustre Jewelry designs are perfect for everyone who loves our world's natural elements. Every piece is an embodiment of sophistication and beauty of genuine, hand selected pearls with natural gems, recycled sterling silver and leather. A must for every wardrobe."


Leather & Pearl Care


Should you need to clean your pearls, they may be washed in very salty water to remove residue, and finished in a freshwater rinse. Leave on a towel to dry.


You may wear your pearl and leather jewelry at all times, including in the WATER! Our cut and rolled by leather is extremely durable; however, if it is not conditioned, it can become dry and brittle which will cause weakness. It is essential to moisturize/ condition your leather frequently- once a week for bracelets and once a month for necklaces and earrings. We recommend Pure Shea Butter.


It is best to wear your pearls regularly to help replenish the moisture and oils needed. When not wearing your pearl jewelry, place each piece in a separate soft cloth and close it loosely so that it will receive exposure to humidity. Pearls contain trace amounts of water so storing them in an airtight environment can cause them to become brittle and damage the luster.