Just Live

When Just Live set out to create the perfect line of fitness lifestyle wear, we quickly ran into a problem. There were all kinds of fabric we could use, but none that did exactly what we needed it to do.

Like to provide 4-way stretch and moisture wicking while maintaining superior compression and also being odor resistant, antimicrobial, UV protective, virtually fade proof, yet STILL somehow stay amazingly silky soft, like a second skin. Nothing we tested could do it. 

So we invented one that could.

The result was YOLON™, our own proprietary fabric blend, named after the “You Only Live Once” philosophy that motivates both our company and our customers. YOLON™ is an amazing fabric. Precision blended with cationic polyester and spandex, YOLON™ over performs, allowing our designers to create garments that enhance your workout in every possible way and yet look good enough to wear out everyday.